Teenergy Schools - Action Plan

For local Administrations, the School Building has always represented a priority in public management, considering the
effects produced in the quality of life of its end-users (the students in the first place), in the quality of their learning
capacity and in contributing to the Sustainability of a specific territory.
Innovation, Sustainable Development and Green Economy are some of the orienting values implemented by the Province
of Lucca who has, as other provincial Administrations, in the last years, progressively allocated important economic
resources to adequate and improve the High Schools of its competence, following European standards on security and
Energy Saving.
The Province of Lucca has intervened, sometimes with drastic measures, in the refurbishment, the respect of security
issue and in the extension of existing school buildings; this needs a concrete financial support by the Government, also
because most school buildings, not only at local, but also at national level, are old and inadequate.




With the Teenergy Schools project, the Province of Lucca has intended to deepen the issues related to Energy Efficiency in
School Buildings, through the cooperation with other countries of the Mediterranean area, evaluating possible strategies
of intervention to contain the heating and illumination costs producing a waste reduction with a positive impact on the
budget of local bodies on one side, and the improvement of indoor comfort on the other.
The School, also in this case, becomes the most adequate context to diffuse a culture of Sustainability and Energy Saving
that can be expressed not only in structural interventions, but also through educative action, participatory and sharing
experiences that can and must be adopted referring to the didactical approach within the School System itself.
For the Province of Lucca as Lead Partner of Teenergy Schools, the signature of a Memorandum of Intent amongst all local
administrations which are Partners of the project, represents the intent of assuming a precise political responsibility for
the sharing of intervention strategies and application of Guidelines and Best Practices, transferable also to other public
Administrations in Italy and in Europe.



Action Plan - part 1




Action Plan - part 2



Action Plan - part 3