Regional Council of Granada

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“Diputación Provincial de Granada” is the Local Government of the Province of Granada that represents 168 municipalities. This is a Public Administration who has its own competencies and competencies delegated by the Autonomous Region.

Its own competencies are:

- Coordinating municipal services in the whole province of Granada.

- Legal, economic and technician assistance to town councils, especially to those who have less economic and management capacities.

- Rendering public services with a supramunicipal or local nature.

- Encouraging and administering particular interests of the province of Granada.


The Province of Granada is located in the Southeast of Spain (Eastern Andalusia), 168 town councils compose it. Its population is of 862,648 inhabitants, with a mean density of 68,14 INH./km2.

Some of the main characteristics of the Province are: the important role of the agrarian sector, weakness of the industry sector and the high importance of the service sector; a high unemployment rate; the progressive ageing of population in many areas, the great territorial imbalances. It includes an important geographical diversity: from the highest mountain of the Iberian Peninsula with an important sky resort to a subtropical coast. Many of our municipalities have less of 5.000 inhabitants. So the biggest part of our territory has a rural character. The Province of Granada is in the lowest positions of Spain and Andalusia rankings. The Province of Granada is part of the Andalusia Region, OBJECTIVE “CONVERGENCE” according to the EU criteria.

The Economical and Employment Promotion Delegation of the "Diputación de Granada" has its main points of our work programme are: 1) European Programs for economic promotion; 2) Self-employment; 3) Training for Employment; 4) R+D+I for the local employment; 5) Employment Territorial Observatory, 6) Sustainable Energy Development based on the action of the Energy Agency of Granada.

Mainly on the energy sector the Provincial Council of Granada founded the local energy agency “Agencia Provincial de la Energía de Granada” on 2001 under the SAVE European initiative. The Agency has being earning more and more weight on the provincial administration policies, and has done different projects to achieve a better energy use on the region, as Energy Audits in 152 municipalities until now, educational events, technical assessments, mobility studies, studies on urban integration of sustainable energy policies, public lighting, promotion of renewable energies installations (photovoltaic, thermal solar, biomass, and geothermal energy until now), etc. Recently the Provincial Council of Granada has internally approved his inclusion as supporting structure of the Covenant of Mayors, in which entrust the Energy Agency as its managing instrument for that European initiative.