Province of Trapani

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The Province of Trapani is one of 110 Italian provinces and one of the 9 provinces of the Sicily. It is the westernmost province of Sicily and is bordered to the east with the province of Palermo, in the south-east with the province of Agrigento, while to the west and south is washed by the Mediterranean Sea, and then north from the Tyrrhenian Sea.

It has an extension of 2.460 kmq and a population of 450.000 inhabitants. Its territory is divided in 24 towns and its chief town is Trapani, a city with 80.000 inhabitants; other notably important cities are Marsala, Mazara del Vallo, Alcamo cities of arabian origin.

The Province of Trapani is an intermediate body between the Municipalities and the Sicilian Region and its tasks are to perform functions supra municipality. It contributes also, in the manner prescribed by law, to determine objectives and choices of plans and programs and general socio-economic sector of the Sicilian Region, coordinating the needs and suggestions of Municipalities and makes proposals in accordance with vocations prevailing in its territory, particularly as regards the development of productive activities.

Its territory is hilly and for good part cultivated with vineyard, olives and wheat. It is the province with more fittings of vineyards in Europe. By geographical position it can be considered the center of the Mediterranean sea, therefore its history and its culture are mixtures of history and culture of the many people of the countries wets by Mediterranean sea: the most important, in the distant past, are the Phoenicians and the Greeks, in the recent past are the Spaniards and Frenchs.

Politically the Province of Trapani is a territorial local corporate body and its political-administrative structure is governed by a President elected every five years. Its organizational structure includes about 400 employees and 12 departments divided in sectors and services whose principal competences are: expertise on construction, management and maintenance of scholastic buildings and of provincial road network, civil protection, environmental protection, protection of water resources, waste management, energy saving, finding alternative sources of energy, promoting economic development, protection and management of nature reserves and protected areas, tourist and cultural promotion.

The Province of Trapani owns 60 school buildings and other 8 buildings where are the political and administrative offices.

Its economy mainly is founded on the agriculture (vineyard, olives, wheat, sheep farming), on the fishing, on the handicrafts, on the tourism and also on the shipyard. There are present only small industrial firms.

In the territory of the province of Trapani there are eight nature land and sea reserves extended 62.000 hectares where flora and fauna are protected.