Province of Athens

Address Information

The Prefecture of Athens is part of the periphery of Attica and the Athens-Piraeus super Prefecture. It covers the central part of the agglomeration of Athens and is the most populous and most densely populated in Greece. 

In general, the Prefecture consists of 48 municipalities and has a population of nearly 3.000.000 inhabitants. Its capital is the city of Athens. In terms of services provision, besides the 6 agencies directly subordinate to the Prefect (Prefectural Administrative Support Directorate, Legal Service, Internal Control Directorate, Civil Emergency Planning & People’s Defense Dept, Civil Protection Bureau, Popular Instruction Prefectural Committee), the Prefecture is organized in 4 general directorates, those for General Administrative Support, for Quality of Life, for Infrastructure Projects & for the Protection of the Environment/Service Networks and for Economic Development, which in turn are furthermore analyzed in more specific services.