Cyprus University of Technology CUT

Address Information

The Cyprus University of Technology (CUT, is a state university, situated in the city of Limassol. Most of its premises consist of neoclassical buildings that underwent severe renovation and restructuring works. The first 360 students commenced their studies on September the 3rd 2007 and numbers are expected to gradually rise up to 7000-8000 in the next ten to fifteen years. Lectures are presently held in the Greek language in all five Faculties and plans are already under way for English speaking classes in the next few years.

The Cyprus University of Technology has as its strategic target the design and development of research activities both within the University and in cooperation with other research Institutes in Cyprus and abroad. The research emphasis of CUT is reflected in the substantial funding provided to academics for the establishment of research centers and laboratories. The annual budget for research and development was at a level of 1,4 million Euros for the year 2007. The University, despite its recent beginning (Sept. 2007), has already established its participation in national and European projects (6th and 7th FP).

The Technological University of Cyprus strives to be an example of an electronic University through the development of digital services at an educational (e-University) as well as at a management level (e-Government). The research team possesses to a large degree the necessary infrastructure for the completion of the proposed research project. In particular, the research team has at its disposal desktop computers, printers and various types of software. In addition, the CUT library hosts print editions of major journals as well as access to electronic versions of many journals as well access to databases.

The Cyprus University of Technology aspires to become a modern and pioneering University capable of offering high level training and research in popular fields, which today offer great economic, technical, and scientific output. More specifically, through Faculties and Departments that are today absent from Cyprus, the Cyprus University of Technology aspires to offer the country the greatest possible autonomy in the training of executives capable of serving the economy, technology, industry and also the society and culture, so that Cyprus will become a leader in the Middle East Region and the European Union. Furthermore, with an applied research orientation, the Cyprus University of Technology aims in providing important aid to our country and society to help it cope with problems that it faces in all the fields of science, technology and knowledge. Thus, the Cyprus University of Technology will fill in gaps that still exist within Cyprus’ higher education by offering degrees in graduate and post graduate levels that are not offered by the University of Cyprus or by other higher education institutions. As you can see below, the planning of all departments is directed by three fundamental objectives:

• High scientific, technical and professional sufficiency in the education of its students.

• High quality research capable of exceeding the traditional borders between basic and applied research, in order to offer solutions in important problems of our society and economy, and allow Cyprus to remain an important partner in the modern, and mainly European, distribution of resources that are allocated for research.

• Scientific orientation in both the design of the curriculum and the staffing of Departments, in order for the University to enter from the beginning and remain in the forefront of scientific, educational and social developments, locally and internationally.

CUT Research Policy

The CUT aims at transferring knowledge (education) and producing new knowledge through basic and applied research. Research at CUT is carried out in each different Department or between two or more Departments, under the responsibility of one or more members of the Academic staff. University research activities are realized through funding secured from the following two major sources:

a) From the University’s state funded budget.

b) From different organizations, entities or private sources at national, European and international level who award, with or without a competition, specific research projects to research groups and/or individual members of the Academic staff.


Strengthening of the research management support and infrastructure, with the aim of securing externally funded projects, is another major objective of the University. Moreover, CUT has adopted the following principles in relation to Research, which conforms with the European Union’s declarations relating to the creation of a European Research Area. The University has adopted the following principles as regards the promotion of Research:

• Effective access and information support.

• Equal research opportunities to all members of Academic staff.

• Effective support of Research Activities.

• Promotion of competition, quality and support of research projects.

• Start-up funding for new members of the Academic staff for the setting-up of research infrastructure, mainly for the creation of research laboratories.


CUT Administrative Research support

The Service for Research, International Collaboration and Public Relations (SRIPR) has the responsibility to offer administrative support to the research activities of the academic community. Furthermore, it offers managerial services for research projects funded by CUT.



CUT Research Activity


CUT research and academic staff is involved in various Research activities and Research Programmes. These cover both internal and external research funding. Research programmes are financed by CUT, the Cyprus Government (Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation) and the European Committee (European Research Programmes (FP) and other organizations as well.

Research activities cover both fundamental and applied research in all academic fields, in the University´s five faculties. (Applied Arts and Communication, Geotechnical Sciences and Environmental Managements, Engineering and Technology, Health Sciences, Management and Economics).

Even though CUT initiated its research activity very recently, it has already managed to dispose of a significant number of research projects under 7FP, Interreg IIIB Archimed and Interreg IVC.