ARPA Energy Agency of Sicily

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A.R.P.A. Sicilia


The Environmental Protection Agency of Sicily Region – A.R.P.A. Sicilia- was funded on May 2001.

ARPA Sicilia is responsible for the implementation of all technical activities connected with environmental protection and prevention in the Sicilian territory (5 milions of abitants). ARPA Sicilia is an instrumental body for the Sicilian Region – with administrative, technical managerial and financial sovereignty – controlled by the “Assessorato Regionale Territorio ed Ambiente” (Regional Environmental Ministry) which is responsible for policy making and guidance to its activities.

Its structure is composed by 1 headquarter (Palermo, capital of the Region) and 9 provincial local offices/laboratories (D.A.P. 9 province's main cities).

Human resources of ARPA Sicilia: n. 330 units (technicians and administrative board).


Main Institutional Aims:


monitoring the phisical, chemical and biological agents responsible for acoustic, atmospheric, water and soil pollution;

studies and technical-scientific activities in aid to environmental impact assessments;

encouragment of basic and applied research on: physical environmental elements, pollution related phenomena, risk conditions, ecosystem protection methods, eco-compatible technologies and reduced environmental impact products and production systems;

systematic gathering and dissemination of data and environmental information;

environmental controls of the activities related to a pacific use of nuclear energy and radioprotection controls;

technical and scientific support to the evaluation and prevention of risks related to industrial activities;

validation of technical documentation enclosed in the authorisation seeking forms;


Main Activities:


environmental control and analysis N.= 48.000 (2006);

management of Sea and Inland Water Quality Monitoring Network;

management of Elettromagnetic Fields Ongoing Monitoring by 30 mobile stations;

local stake holder of “National Cleasing Program” on 3 industrial pole (Polluted site Register and Analytical result validation Activities);

partecipation to the APAT national project on the Industrial Risk Georeferred Archive with implementation of the DB for the Sicilian territory;

Civil Protection activities – Environmental Emergencies Management;

implementation of Regional near-real time Air Quality Monitoring Network;

Development activities for a Quality Management System in order to obtain the certification;